Update 7/27/2016

So recently I decided to update my website and add tons of new photographs!

These photographs can all be found in the Unwatermarked Photos section.

I am also going to Alaska in August! So I will be sure to post photographs from my trip to Alaska!

Do not use these photos without my permission first, Thank You!

Starting To Change

I have had this website up a long time now, and it has pretty much stayed the same throughout the years. I will be making a lot of changes in the upcoming months. One of these changes can already be seen in the new No Watermark Photography Section! I encourage everyone to look at these photos as in my opinion, they are among my best!

Update 7/14/2015

The update scheduled for today has been postponed until 7/15/2015.
In the meantime I have for the most part updated all of the photographs with fresh watermarks and fixed several of the broken photographs.
Please let me know in the comments if I have missed any photographs.

Update 7/13/2015 - 7/14/2015

Many of you may be wondering where the new photographs are, well they will be added to KatsKreationz tomorrow instead of today. A lot was done today in fact and you may notice these changes greatly affect the photographs displayed.

What I have done is replaced most photos watermarks with fresh new ones aswell as moved many of them so you can actually view and enjoy more of the photographs that are displayed.

Thank you for your patience during maintenance and check back tomorrow for 30 new photographs!

Upcoming Updates 7/12/2015

I have not updated KatsKreationz in over 7 months and thought I would release a huge update with dozens of photos. I have already changed the logo

On 7/13/2015 KatsKreationz will be down for maintenance.
Here is what you can expect
1. New Page Categories
2. 30 New Photos
3. Archive of all previous photos
4. Technical Information of every photo on this website. This includes date taken camera used e.t.c.
5. Forums (maybe)

The update will take several hours and I thank everyone for there patience!

Update 1/2/2015

Today was KatsKreationz first update of the new year and with it came several new photographs. Brand new unseen photographs for 2015 can be found in the categories labeled Photography 1 and Photography 2. All photos from 2014 excluding Adoption Events have been moved into their separate categories found in the page Archive 2014.

Upcoming Update 1/1/2015

With the new year, a whole new set of photos will be revealed tomorrow and all previous photographs from 2014 will make there way into a new 2014 archive page!
Some of the following is a sneak peak of what some photos will feature.
- Christmas Decoration
- Red Stocking
- Christmas Light
- Crystal Reflection
- Golden Tree
- Monarch Butterfly
- Blue Flower
- Autumn Trees
- Cornfield Sunset

Update 10/6/2014

An additional page has been added labeled Adoption Events. These are photographs of animals in need of homes.

Fixing Some Stuff

Due to the hacking, a few photos got deleted in the process of restoration and before I can add more photographs, I need to restore the older ones. I know it is a long wait but please continue to be patient. :)


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