Long Story Short

A lot has happened in the past few months and I would like to share some of them with everyone.
First of all, We were recently hacked. I advise everyone to please change your passwords for your safety. The websites security has also been improved and backups have been made.
Second, I am no longer adrenal insufficient!!!
Third, I will be adding a few new photos and gadgets to the website on the 30th and we will be down from 5:00 until 6:30
Feel free to place your feedback and suggestions in the comments.

Upcoming Updates and Recent Changes 6/12/2014

Due to some unexpected glitches, a recent scheduled update will be delayed up to a week.
Our Chat Room has been removed to glitches that are unfixable, I will be on the lookout for a new chat room system which should be installed either in the coming update or in a later update.

Update 5/18/2014

So this week I have been pretty busy updating the website with new content.

To start off, 6 new images have been added!
They are labeled as follows
- Flower 5
- Purple Flower
- Twisting Branches
- Dandelion
- Sunset5
- Spring Flower2

All photographs that were added in the months of January and February have been moved to archive.

The next update will include a new way of viewing photographs and will be open to members for the first official release.

Easter Update 4/21/2014

With the celebrations of Easter underway I thought I would add a little "egg" hunt on KatsKreationz.

There are 5 new photographs that can be found.

If you are not interested in searching for them the locations are listed below.

Photography 2
- Blade of Grass
- Deer Chewing
- Gliding Duck
- Standing Groundhog

Photography 3 (Members only)
Spring Flower

More to come! Please check back often. Any and all feedback is welcome!

New Updates! 3/28/2014

A new season brings new photographs and updates.

* To start off, There is now a members only photography page. You will need an account to view these photographs.

* I have added an archive to the website, photographs that have been displayed for 3 months will be moved here.

* There is now a voting feature on comments and photographs. If enough votes are received I will add a photograph of the month and or week!

* We now have a Twitter! follow us @ KatsKreationz

Update 2/28/2014

So recently I have not been putting any updates on the site and I thought I would add a few more photos for people to look at.

The newest photographs are in both photography 1 & 2 and are labeled "Cardinal" , "Fox" , "Quarter Moon" , "Waxing Gibbous Moon" "Albino Squirrel2" and "Luna Moth"

All feedback is welcome and please feel free to make any suggestions of pictures I should take or that you would like to see!

Latest Updates 2/9/2014

Lately I have been working behind the scenes on some updates that I am sure will improve the flexibility and usage of the site.

A guest account has been added.
Username : guest
Password : guest1

New Roles were set up some of which include Owner, Guest and Moderator

2 new images have been added located in photography2!

More to come!

Spam Protection

We have recently installed two different modules that will work together to prevent spam. Neither of these methods should affect normal users.

Account Creation

All accounts must be activated by an admin before you can log into the website. Please post a message in the public chat asking for your account to be activated. The chat should be located on the bottom right of your browser next to notifications. After clicking chat you should see Public Chatroom. Click on this to post a message. This is for security measures.


Welcome to Katskreationz! view my photographs by clicking the photography link!


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